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JCHC Auxilliary

The Jefferson County Health Center Auxiliary supports the needs of the hospital, the comfort of the patients and their families, and to give scholarships to individuals pursuing a health related career.

Jefferson County Health Center Auxiliary


Specialty Clinic

We bring the specialists to you! No need to travel to Burlington, Ottuwma or Iowa City to see a Specialist. Many of them see local patients in our Specialty Clinic located on the Jefferson County Health Center campus.

Jefferson County Health Center Specialty Clinic




THANK YOU! Now I know I will be whole again!

“My husband and I were in a car accident in June of 2016.

I had a fractured hip, fracture near my knee, knee reconstruction,and nerve damage in my leg causing my foot to have limited movement. I started slowly with physical therapy in early November at Jefferson County Hospital in Fairfield, Iowa. As my therapy progressed my therapist, Matt Wickert, suggested that I start Astym therapy. He explained that David Kreuter, a therapist assistant certified in Astym treatment, would start the program to help the pain in my leg due to scar tissue.This treatment would help my numbness as well as my balance issues.

A few days after the third Astym treatment, my balance has remarkably improved. I see steady improvement, where I don’t use a cane anymore and I can rise to a standing position without holding onto furniture. My fear of falling is gone. I am able to walk now with much improved mobility and the pain near the surgical site is almost gone. Thanks t


At Jefferson County Health Center, you'll find physicians who have advanced training and extensive experience in many health care disciplines.

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