"Jefferson County Health Center has a phenomenal, well-trained staff." Robert Huebner, patient

Robert Huebner Though Robert Huebner has family who work in the medical field, he is an admitted “medical procrastinator.” Consequently, he was in serious condition by the time a recent illness sent him to the JCHC Emergency Room. But thanks to the life-saving efforts of Dr. Goodwill and the ER team, Robert is now on the road to recovery.

He notes that his medical background makes it easy for him to recognize true medical professionals, and he found plenty during his stay at JCHC. He praises the entire staff — from the doctors, nurses and ER to the dietary and housekeeping staff — for their efficiency and excellent care. He is grateful that “the ER has a team of quick-responding people who have the ability to diagnose quickly when time is a factor.”

Robert Huebner and staff members of JCHC.

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