This Is Where People Get Well

I'm writing to express my great appreciation for the treatment my mother is receiving in your facility. Having only been in the lobby and meeting room, I had no inkling of the remarkable environment those who planned the facility, and the current staff, have created. Unlike all the other hospitals I’ve been in, where the feeling is, "this is where sick people are", after visiting my mom for this past week, my impression of Jefferson County Health Center is "this is where people are getting well". From the friendly and competent staff, to the obvious lack of "hospital smell", to the beautifully designed, lightfilled rooms, the entire environment seems conducive to the process of getting well. The planning that went into making this a sustainable and green building with a wellness orientation surely seems to have paid off handsomely.

I also applaud you for focusing on wellness programs at the Health Center, and your involvement in the Jefferson County Wellness Action Coalition. All that speaks volumes to the healthy and intelligent orientation of the institution.
Warm Wishes,
Bob Ferguson

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