Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I am writing this letter in regards to my husband's stay in the ICU on January 11, 2010. I wanted to thank everyone who took part in his care. From the moment we walked into the Emergency Room, he received excellent care. The staff was caring, considerate and compassionate. They were more than willing to do whatever was within their power to make our stay as comfortable as possible. When we arrived on the floor, Elsbeth was his nurse. She was attentive and concerned about his comfort. When she asked if I was staying overnight, she promised a cot would be set up right in the room for my use. Betty McCarty was quick to set it up, leaving extra blankets for my use. Sara was charge nurse and was quick to see if there was anything that she could do for us. The night nurse too was very attentive. When Kenny said he was experiencing some pain from coughing and wanted some Tylenol or "something," she was quick to call and get an order to give some ibuprofen and a sleeping pill because he said he was tired but unable to sleep. The next morning, Desi was his nurse. She too was attentive, caring and concerned. When Desi had to go, Carla took over his care. She was very considerate, explaining that she was replacing Desi and was there anything she could do for us.

I just want to express our thanks for the wonderful care that we received during this time of crisis for our family. It was nice to be so close to home and the kids while knowing that we weren’t compromising his care in any way. I was fortunate to already know most of the staff from being assigned a clinical rotation as a student nurse in summer 2009. I had been assigned there for winter term too. I already was impressed with the systems in place at JCHC. It was different being on the other side. However, it reinforced what I had experienced as a student working with the staff at your facility. There is nothing that any of the staff wouldn't do if it is within their power. Everyone was FANTASTIC. I can't thank everyone enough for everything they gave of themselves. It was not a good situation but everyone helped "cushion" the blow as much as possible. I would not hesitate to bring any member of my family to your hospital. When anyone asks, I will never hesitate to share our wonderful experience with them. My first day back to clinical after spending a week in Iowa City; everyone was so nice. Everyone asked "How’s your husband? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need anything?" Ryan from RT was wonderful while we were inpatient. When we set up the sleep study and our insurance refused to pay for it, he has been wonderful in helping us find funding that will enable Kenny have the sleep studies needed and to get the CPAP he needs for his Cardiomyopathy. Equipment we otherwise would never be able to afford. Nancy thanks for listening, for letting me get teary eyed and for the hug. That was something that I hadn't gotten since the beginning of our saga that I obviously needed. Sincerity is something that you can't teach during an in-service. I can honestly say that each and every person we interacted with was sincere in their duties and their caring. Housekeeping even asked if there was anything she could get for us. And from having seen her in action as a student, I know that if I had told her "I'm cold" she would have gotten me a blanket.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, everyone for everything, thank-you.

Sincerely Yours,
Shannon and Kenny Murphy
February 6, 2010

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