Dr. Ivins Gave Me My Life Back

Jill LeafgreenMy name is Jill Manley Leafgreen, and I am a native of Fairfield. Having lived here all my life and always having the Jefferson County Hospital and the services they provide, sometimes you take it for granted.

Recently I had an Endoscope and a total knee replacement. I was overwhelmed by the quality of care and the professionalism that we have at our local hospital.

Starting at the admissions desk with Bonnie Kessel's smile, the outpatient surgery staff preparing me for surgery and explaining my procedure while listening to my concerns. The Anesthesiologist also took time to personally explain things to me. They all made me feel safe, comfortable and very relaxed.

In the operating room I was greeted with a warm smile and introductions of the people behind the masks and blue bonnets. The smile in the eyes of Cheryl Royer, Laura Cary and Joneane Parker all made me know I was in good hands.

I can't say enough about how wonderful, professional and caring everyone was at the hospital. The nurses, CNA's were fantastic. From Serena Sherod to Harry Wood, day or night, the care was awesome. I began to feel like I was a friend, and not just a room number. I knew Physical Therapy for my knee was going to be difficult but Linda Coats, Marcia Holsinger and Bob Hipp made each step seem like a great triumph! Denise Gallagher and Karen Wesely in Occupational Therapy taught me easy and safe ways to do everyday things. Outpatient physical therapy is hard work but the staff made it fun. Lili Wells, Sara Boecker, Julie Aeschliman along with Lani Glass and Kay Steele encouraged and inspired me to keep trying. I am so glad I made the choice to come to my local hospital where people are highly trained professions who are caring and empathetic.

We are so blessed in this area to have the services provided by Jefferson County Hospital from in-house mammograms, X-Ray, MRI's, blood work by the hospital lab and Endoscopic procedures. If you any health care needs check out JCH first, they most likely have the services you need in a very professional and caring environment.
Jill Leafgreen,
Fairfield Resident

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