I Have My Zest For Life Back, Thank You

Lela Heisel

I am writing this letter in regards to my husband's stay in the ICU on January 11, 2010. I wanted to thank everyone who took part in his care. From the moment we walked into the Emergency Room, he received excellent care. The staff was caring, considerate and compassionate. They were more than willing to do whatever was within their power to make our stay as comfortable as possible.


It Was Like Coming Home

Rose McMahon

I suffered a fall while I was out of state. After I transferred from another hospital to Jefferson County Health Center, it was like coming home. THe staff greeted me with a smile, and from then on, I was treated with gentle, loving and professional care. They always answered the call light promptly and all of the nurses and aides were there for me.


The Convenience of Having Treatments Done Locally

Jeanie Palmer

As a small business owner in Fairfield and the main care giver for my mother, the convenience of being able to have her treatments done locally was wonderful.


They Will Help You Get On The Road To Recovery

Karen Louth

The Jefferson County Health Center has a wonderful group of people that will help you get on the road to recovery.


Dr. Ivins Gave Me My Life Back

Jill Leafgreen

My name is Jill Manley Leafgreen, and I am a native of Fairfield. Having lived here all my life and always having the Jefferson County Hospital and the services they provide, sometimes you take it for granted. Recently I had an Endoscope and a total knee replacement. I was overwhelmed by the quality of care and the professionalism that we have at our local hospital.


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