I Experienced a Life-Threatening Heart Attack.

Heart Attack

My daughter Lori contacted the Jefferson County Health Center emergency room to let them know I was coming in. My good friend Bill Moore quickly came to my aid and drove me to the hospital.


Sometimes “Thank You” Isn’t Enough.

I traveled from out of state to have my surgery at the Jefferson County Health Center by Dr. Gregory Ivins because of his expertise in orthopedic surgery. I really appreciated Dr. Ivins' honest communication about my surgery and possible outcome. My previous surgeon had not been as forthright. I have been in many hospitals and have had many surgeries but I have never experienced such exemplary treatment from every single person I came in contact with.
G.A. Jefferson City, MO.


Thank You For Saving My Life!

Doug House Cardiac Care Testimonial

I came into the Emergency Room on Thursday, June 9, 2011. I was having some chest pains. My heart stopped and the hospital staff and the ambulance staff were able to revive me. Thank you so much!!


I am so Proud of our Health Center

Ken Malloy

A few weeks ago, I went to the JCHC Emergency Room. I left there with a great sense of pride. I was so proud of our hospital and the care they gave me and are able to give to our community. The caring, professional and competent manner in which I was treated removed all of my fear and any anxiety I might have been feeling. I was very well taken care of. Thank you JCHC emergency room team.
K. Malloy, Fairfield


I am So Grateful for the Care I Received at the Jefferson County Health Center

Elise Palma

Thank you Dr. Ivins for allowing me to be active again.

What a beautiful hospital! It didn’t even look or feel like a hospital. Everyone there was a delight. The nurses and staff members' smiles had a way of making me feel better. My care was magnificent.


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